Bonjour La Vie

Bonjour La Vie
The Positive Brand

The History

It all started from my personal need and my passion.

Since I was I child, I always loved cosmetics and make up products, constantly taking care of my skin.

Suddenly, I was arrived at the point of having irritated skin, various intolerances, and no way to wear make up. Somehow I was sure many other women were facing this.

It took me years of study and full time dedication to go through the existing literature of harmful ingredients, searching the solution for this new situation.

But good things never come easily

I think green is not enough: we need results, refined textures and pleasure.

This is how Bonjour La Vie was born.

This is my solution for me and all of you   

Sonia Mosetti

CEO and Founder

Our Philosophy

Let’s dispel the myth that the expected results are obtained only by using many different products

Nature gives us all we need for a beautiful, glowing and healthy skin.

Commitment, Culture, Respect

A line suitable for all ages, for all skin tones and individual needs, while remaining fast and authentic

All products are vegan, made exclusively with high-quality and skin-compatible ingredients, they are free of PEG, PPG, Silicones, Petrolatum, Parabens, Essential Oils, BHA and BHT, EDTA and using a minimal and completely recyclable packaging.

Made In Italy

Bonjour La Vie is conceived, formulated and produced entirely in Italy.

All products are dermatologically tested in the laboratories of the University of Ferrara.

Few minutes, Great Results

Bonjour La Vie has been designed to give great results with a simple and short routine

Bonjour La Vie naturally blends with the skin and through the possibility of mix the facial oils and the creams can give an answer to specific needs and to the individual needs

Bonjour La Vie: naturally effective

For people, for animals, for the environment, for everything Products inspired by nature while respecting nature

Bonjour La Vie is a hymn to love, beauty and life

We create happily to do it, for always better results

We believe in a beauty without homologations, as a result of courage for our convictions and choices. Be Yourself!

Confidence in ourselves, in today and in tomorrow. Products conceived to be used by each of you.

We are driven by our values and love for our work  

Freedom to choose and decide, without preconceptions and conditioning. Once again ... Be Yourself!

Making you happy with our products makes us happy