Our Philosophy


Bonjour La Vie, Contemporary Clean Skincare, is a contemporary skincare line, suitable for different lifestyles in metropolitan areas as well as small towns. Free of those most suspicious substances (petrolates, parabens, PEG, PPG, BHA and BHT, EDTA), vegan, sustainable, and formulated with ingredients loved by the skin and of the highest quality.

A routine everyday life proven, fast, immediate, simple and can be personalized, easily mixing serum oils with creams, because our skin changes every day, just as we are not always the same every day, designed by people for people.

I'm Sonia Mosetti and I created Bonjour La Vie in 2014.

I believe in respect, transparency, inclusiveness, sustainability and I also believe that if we all do our part, we can create a better world. Bonjour La Vie is more than skincare, it's a message of positivity and faith in the future. Try saying Bonjour La Vie without smiling!