The values of all of us are the fruit of our past, of what has been transmitted to us over time, of our present, of the experiences we live in everyday life, of our future, of our attitude towards life and towards what we want to live
They are the basis of the choices we all make
Enter the world of Bonjour La Vie values


Respect is our mantra, the basis of all our  values, and it guides our action. Respect for people, for animals, for the environment, for things


We have created our products keeping in mind that we are all different one from each other:  different skintones and cultures, ways of being, personalities and countries, but we are all human beings.


We believe in a not-stereotypical beauty, the result of the courage to be yourself, for your own beliefs and choices. Each of us is beautiful in her/his own way.


Self-confidence, first of all, to have strength and confidence in today and tomorrow. All together we can build a better world.


We are driven by our values, working with transparency and consistency.


Freedom to choose and decide, without preconceptions and conditioning.


Without dogmas to adhere to, living becomes easier and we can be happier

Making you happy with our products makes us happy