The History

Everything began by my passion and a new awareness due to a personal problem.

I have always loved cosmetics and make up since I was a child, using all the kind of products I found.

Suddenly, I began to suffer from irritated skin, various intolerances. I was sure many other people were facing this situation.

Instead of giving up, after having tried a lot of products already existing on the market to restore my skin, I have studied for years the immense existing literature on the possible harmful effects of a series of ingredients, in search of a real solution with the help of professional experts.

We all know excellence comes from significant efforts and great commitment, and I have spent years on it, and continue to.

 A Clean Skincare line was not enough. We need results, refined textures, pleasure, fast and easy routine.

This is how Bonjour La Vie was born

Dive with me in this unique experience

Sonia Mosetti - CEO and Founder