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The Combo Skin Basic Routine

The Combo Skin Basic Routine

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The Combo Skin Basic Routine is designed for normal to combination skin, and aims to rebalance the skin, or preserve its balance, maintaining the right levels of hydration

How to understand if this routine is right for you?

Does your skin tend to have a rather oily forehead, nose and chin, while your cheeks are drier? You may have combination skin

Does your skin have no particular oily areas, do you feel comfortable throughout the day? You may have normal skin

Consider that particular conditions can alter the state of your skin: pharmacological treatments, periods of high stress, lack of sleep, unbalanced diet to name just a few

Let's start with cleansing , which must be delicate and non-aggressive , so as not to create what is called the rebound effect : that is, eliminating an excessive quantity of sebum leads the skin to produce excess sebum. Use One Step Cleansing Milk , spreading it all over your face and neck with your fingers, rinse it with warm water and dry your face and neck with a clean towel, patting dry. Avoid using makeup remover sponges or cotton pads if you have pimples, you could make the situation worse.

Spray All Over Toner Mist , keeping your eyes closed I recommend, on your face and neck, it helps you prepare your skin for the Rebalancing Fresh Cream or the Rebalancing Serum Oil.

Did you know that any formulation, except gels, always have an oil, a butter or an ester of an oil?

It's time for the Rebalancing Fresh Cream , for a top face and neck! Why do I insist on the neck? Because it is a neglected area, until the moment you realize that it was a big, huge mistake! We have infused this cream with Burdock and an Azeloglicinate complex , known for their properties regulating sebum production, Niacinamide , mattifying, uniforming, antioxidant, Lactobionic Acid , a gentle exfoliant, also suitable for delicate skin.


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The Combo Skin Basic Routine