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The Oily Skin Basic Routine

The Oily Skin Basic Routine

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Do you have oily skin? Have you ever heard of the rebound effect? Do you still think you need to degrease it?

The rebound effect this is what happens when you try to remove fat, or rather sebum, from your skin with aggressive actions: you remove too much, so the message you send to your skin is "you have to produce more, I need more", and your skin will do everything it can to accommodate you. Result? She gets stressed and so do you!

Let's try rethink the approach . Imagine one conversation with your skin . Do you produce too much sebum? I gently remove the excess so that you feel lighter, I don't try to hide you as if I'm ashamed of you, or turn you into what you will never be. Let's just learn to know each other and live together peacefully.

First of all I know that I have to always keep you clean, so you will feel lighter, and so will I. One Step Cleansing Milk : now I spread it all over your face with my fingers, and I massage it with delicate circular movements all over your face and neck. Then I rinse it off with slightly warm water, without using makeup remover sponges or cotton pads or anything else, so if you have pimples I don't break them and risk making the situation worse. Goes better?

Wait, I'll pat you dry with a clean towel.

Now I'll vaporize you some All Over Toner Mist , like the milk I used before, has the in it Green tea detoxifying and purifying , and the Mimosa Tenuiflora , a soothing. How do you feel now?

I take advantage of the fact that you are still damp to apply a few drops of Rebalancing Serum Oil . Hey, there's Mimosa Tenuiflora here too, and Gamma Oryzanol, and also four oils. Wait, 4 oils? Did I read correctly?

Rice Oil, sweet and soothing, Jojoba, oh yes, this is not a real oil even if they call it that, and Macadamia Oil are sebum regulators , that is, they help regulate the production of sebum. Wooowwww! Unsaponifiable than olive oil, this does not contain triglycerides either, but it is a nutrient to help keep skin soft.

Did you know it's light? I didn't expect it like this

And your skin will thank you


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The Oily Skin Basic Routine